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Optimized Reference Platforms

  • AI Accelerated

    • i.MX8MP EVK (Yocto Scarthgap)

    • i.MX93 EVK (Yocto Scarthgap)

    • Khadas VIM3

    • Beaglebone AI 64


  • CPU

    • QEmu ARM 64 Secure Boot

    • Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

    • Raspberry Pi 3B, 4B, 5B

    • i.MX6ULL EVK

    • i.MX6SoloX EVK

    • i.MX8ULP EVK (Yocto Scarthgap)

Adaptable Integrations

  • Direct Integrations featuring:

    • Peridio maintained reference platforms running `peridiod’

    • mTLS communication directly to the device API

  • Indirect integrations via: 

    • API Brokered Updates within AWS infrastructure

    • SDK Brokered Updates as part of your application runtime.

  • Rapid trial and onboarding with the Peridio EVK

    • Demonstration of all core workflows

    • Leverages a QEMU reference platform device pool

Binary Management & Software Distribution

  • Store, organize, and manage the software binaries for your devices.

  • Package multiple binaries and configuration files together for distribution. Name, share and reuse these across multiple cohorts and releases.

  • Bandwidth optimized delta updates help reduce the amount of data transferred during software updates by only sending the changes (deltas) instead of the entire binary.

  • Dynamic update resolution by target ensures that the appropriate software version is delivered to each device based on its specific configuration and requirements.

  • Scheduled and phased rollouts give you control over when and how software updates are distributed to your device fleet, minimizing the impact of potential issues.

  • Automatic release halting is a safety mechanism that stops the distribution of a software update if critical issues are detected, preventing further damage.

Device Access & Observability

  • Browser-based web-socket based terminal (SSH).

  • Tunnel-based SSH and SCP provides a secure and configurable pathway to access devices and transfer files without exposing them to the public internet.

  • Dynamic tunneling via a Peridio managed proxy makes possible additional communication protocols between consumers and devices.

  • Exportable dashboards provide visibility into the state and performance of your device fleet, with the ability to export data for further analysis.

  • Release analytics help you track the progress and success of software updates across your devices.

  • Connectivity analytics give you insights into the network health and connection stability of your devices.

  • OTA (Over-the-Air) event logs record the details of software update activities for auditing and troubleshooting purposes.

  • Device logs (coming soon) will provide access to individual device logs for in-depth analysis and issue resolution.

Operational Safety & Security

  • Product cohorts enable you to group devices based on specific attributes, such as hardware version or firmware version, for targeted management and updates.

  • Access management for services, devices, and teams ensures that only authorized users can access and manipulate specific resources.

  • Attribute based access control gives you fine-grained control over the permissions and actions available to different users and devices within the platform.

  • Signed and verifiable asset delivery guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the software and configuration files delivered to devices.

  • Certificate provisioning and issuance enable secure authentication and communication between devices and the management platform.

  • Just-in-time provisioning eliminates the need for pre-configuring devices by dynamically allowing onboarding of new equipment as it comes online.

  • Certificate cycling helps maintain security by regularly updating and replacing device certificates.

  • mTLS (mutual Transport Layer Security) provides strong mutual authentication between devices and the platform, ensuring that only trusted devices can connect.

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