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Notice: Migration to Peridio

NervesHub was started in 2018 to deliver a first-class deployment experience for users and organizations to deploy Nerves firmware to connected devices. We crafted the code and services leveraging open source technologies and deployed a hosted instance at to service the community and act as a catalyst for new ideas and products. As the service scaled, the management and administration of the platform have grown over time, outpacing the community’s ability to support this infrastructure in a part-time capacity. We’ve taken what we’ve learned from NervesHub alongside evolving industry needs and created a new service called Peridio.

What is Peridio?

Modern software systems range in complexity both in their purpose and the hardware platforms they execute on top of. Big or small, embedded or not, reliably and securely distributing binaries is critically important and immensely difficult. This is particularly true when working across digital and physical boundaries like mesh networks, metered data links, and heterogeneous combinations of ICs, MCUs, and MPUs within single hardware targets.

Peridio aims to solve these problems by providing a simple solution to efficiently manage and deploy binaries in a hardware, firmware, and software-agnostic Platform as a Service.

Migration of NervesHub

The instance at will go down for maintenance April 13, 2022, at 16:00 EDT. During this time, the service will be migrated to Peridio for Nerves. All accounts and data will be migrated automatically and the DNS routes will be redirected to Peridio for Nerves. Following the migration, your devices should reconnect and everything should remain operational. Peridio for Nerves will be offered free of charge for NervesHub users with less than 20 devices until Spring of 2023. If you have more than 20 devices, please contact for pricing.

In order to complete the migration, you will need to follow these steps. Failure to update your fleet following the migration may result in a disruption of service.


Host your own version of NervesHub. NervesHub will continue to be open-source, therefore users may opt to host their own platform.

Migrate to another OTA firmware delivery platform. There are several solid options for OTA firmware delivery platforms, however, none of these other platforms have been built with Nerves in mind, rather only how to deploy embedded/embedded-linux applications.

We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are. If you have any questions, please reach out to

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