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Action Advised: NervesHub Sunset

In 2018, NervesHub was launched to deliver first-class support for hardware deployments directly from the command line, and was offered for free to developers. It’s clear that NervesHub fills a pressing need for organizations. There are currently 626 users and 79 organizations leveraging NervesHub for firmware delivery. However, scale brings with it unique challenges. In this case, the management and administration of the platform have grown over time, outpacing the community’s ability to support this infrastructure in a part-time capacity. As such, the NervesHub maintainers have made the decision to sunset this free service on 3/31/2022.

Alternatives to NervesHub

Due to the open-source nature of NervesHub, you have several good options for firmware management.

  • Host your own version of NervesHub. NervesHub will continue to be open-source, therefore users may opt to host their own platform.

  • Migrate to another OTA firmware delivery platform. There are several solid options for OTA firmware delivery platforms, however, none of these other platforms have been built with Nerves in mind, rather only how to deploy embedded/embedded-linux applications.

  • Participate in the auto-migration to the Peridio firmware delivery service. Peridio is a platform for managing firmware delivery across embedded devices. Peridio will support many of the most commonly used embedded platforms, first and foremost Embedded Linux and Nerves. Beyond that, there will be a series of modules developed to support high-security environments along with optimizing the delivery process for customers who do significant machine learning and analytics on the edge. Peridio will be offered free of charge for NervesHub users with less than 20 devices. If you have more than 20 devices, please contact for pricing.



What happens

October 5, 2021

​Current applications/devices that leverage will continue to receive their firmware updates, however, is no longer under active development. Critical bugs are still addressed.

March 31, 2022

​Any remaining NervesHub users will be automatically migrated to the Peridio firmware delivery service, which will have feature parity with NervesHub. NervesHub users should contact before this date if you do not want to automatically migrate to Peridio.

Spring 2023

​Users will be encouraged to migrate to the enterprise version of Peridio, which will offer enterprise-level features and support.

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