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Connect, Manage, and Scale Your IoT Devices with Confidence

Effortlessly handle your entire product portfolio in a single location


Device Management

Efficiently manage, configure and troubleshoot your fleet

Quickly group devices within a cohort for experimentation and analysis

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Efficiently configure and initiate custom actions across your fleet.

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Remote console available to Linux environments allows teams to get hand-on when needed.


Release Management & OTA

Streamlined deployments, meticulous oversight, and strategic rollout control

Cohort based workflows across dev, staging, & prod environments.

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Granular Artifact & Binary Management

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  • Tagging

  • Versioning

  • Storage

  • Retrieval

  • Reusability

  • Unique

Releases can be both scheduled and utilize a phased rollout

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Enhance decision-making and risk mitigation efforts

At a glance understanding of release health and connectivity

Diagnose issues with a releases roll-out. Compare that against connectivity metrics and device activity.

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Introspection into hub and spoke architectures

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First-class support for streaming Peridio data to your platform

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Configure Peridio to work within the framework of you business

Remote actions & jobs, to power custom workflows such as de-provisioning, rebooting, and more

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Device-driven metrics that can be leveraged for queries & analysis.

  • Locate Forgotten Devices

  • Find the number of reboots over a given time period

  • Track Down Incompatible Firmware

  • Locate Orphan Firmware Versions

  • Track the Events of Intermittent Connectivity

Device data annotation from external systems, such as AWS loT shadows

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