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Device Management Built for Scale

Manage all of your products in one place. Leverage tools that complement and accelerate best-practice workflows.

Our Services and Expertise

Leverage Peridio to improve device performance, reduce maintenance costs, and improve customer satisfaction with your connected products. With features like OTA (Over-The-Air) updates, real-time monitoring, and fine-grained release orchestration, businesses can optimize operations within their fleet.


Reliable and Scalable Fleet Management 

At a glance, understand the health of your fleet, current connectivity status, and release distribution. 



Utilize a flexible and composable approach to creating releases. Be as granular as needed. 


Secure by Default 

Mutual TLS enforced for all machine to machine communications along with crypto-signature validation of all deployed assets.

How it works

Release Orchestration

Build your releases from the ground up using a composable approach. Apply updates throughout your fleet in lock-step with your QA teams.


Benefits and Advantages

Accelerated time to implementation

Low on time/resources to implement? We’re happy to lean in and partner with you on a solution.

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Benefits and Advantages

All products in one place

With Peridio, you can manage multiple product lines and architectures in the same platform, enabling you to streamline your business operations and focus on delivering value to your end customer.

Benefits and Advantages

Maintain control

No vendor lock-in. No black box implementations. Always maintain control of your own data.


Teams have complete freedom to control the last-mile application of their updates.

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Seamless Integrations: Simplify Your Workflow

Peridio supports a variety of architectures and platforms with a non-prescriptive approach. Engineers can leverage one Peridio's reference implementations and client libraries, or build their own following the open specification.

Operating Systems

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OS 2.png
OS 3.png
Connectivity & IOT 4.png

Connectivity &
IoT Platforms

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Connectivity & IOT 2.png
Connectivity & IOT 3.png
Connectivity & IOT 4.png

Become a Peridio Partner

Joining forces, we can provide our clients with the answer that ensures the product's continued success, efficiency, and longevity. 

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