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Deploy with Confidence

Managing firmware updates is painful. That's why we built Peridio. Deploy firmware reliably and at scale with Peridio. We’re the only product on the market that combines cutting-edge security and audit logs in a solution that’s as robust as it is easy to use.

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See Your Infrastructure From Every Angle

Peridio's real-time dashboard focuses on what is important right now, making it easy to drill down to find out exactly what is happening on a particular day or hour.

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Increase Development Velocity

Peridio is designed to free up your developers to focus on what they do best. This is the future of deploying, testing, and managing your fleet’s software.

Protect Against Tomorrow’s Vulnerabilities Today

Fend off even the most sophisticated attacks. Peridio secures your software delivery at every step of the process, not just at the device level. 

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Innovation at Scale

Don't spend another day struggling to manage your deployments and software testing. This is the future of deploying, testing, and managing your software systems.
Next-Level Security

Uses cryptographic signatures, client-side and server- side SSL, and access control to ensure secure firmware updates, and also supports HSMs and cryptoauthentication processors.

MQTT Compatible

Out-of-the-box support for secure egress of Lifecycle Events to MQTT brokers such as AWS IoT Core.

Hardware/Software Agnostic

Powerful abstractions make it possible to use any hardware with any software or firmware, allowing it to flex with each individual use case.


Provides an API that allows you to manage firmware from within your current infrastructure, as well as automatically deploy to QA and test hardware.


Every input into the Peridio system is tracked and securely stored. Whether it is a human or a machine using the API, CLI, or GUI - you always have control over and visibility into what is impacting your service and data.

Automated Updates

Peridio facilitates secure, dynamic, and fault-tolerant OTA updates of firmware, provisioning data, and any arbitrary binary for your fleet of embedded devices, digital nodes, and beyond.

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